FuseNet PhD Event 2020
"The Virtualternative"
Graphic Design · Commission
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Ilusão Binária
Graphic & Web Design · Internship Project
at chumbo.
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A Guerra Dos Pinguins Podcast
Graphic & Web Design · Internship Project at chumbo.
Visual identity for a series of speculative podcasts inspired in conspiracy theories. A blend of retro and vintage, black and white collages accompanied by a Bauhaus-inspired colour palette and geometric shapes.
The identity aims to reflect the mix and match of information sources, the obscure and the influence of technology in our perception of reality.
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Open Voices Podcast
Graphic & Web Design · Internship Project at chumbo.
Open Voices is a podcast where text-to-speech voices read open-access research papers.
The visual identity references the logical connection between language, mathematics and AI while taking inspiration from Mondrian's work. The voices being very clean and robotic, the identity had to aesthetically correspond to the protagonists of the show.
Yellow for intellect, Red for adventure and Blue for imagination and freedom.
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