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MA Final Project · Branding & Communication

KOBO is a kid's clothing brand that blends the worlds of art and fashion to create a unique universe of fun, friendly irreverence and freedom. It seeks to represent an empowering perspective of children, distancing itself from a classical, cheesy outlook on childhood. The brand believes in artistic expression as a means to build confidence in oneself and open new realms of possibilities in the world.

Its staples are a vibrant use of colour, a bold art direction and a constant reference to creative experimentation through its visuals and verbal identity.

Kobo, where art fashions life.

*MA group project, in collaboration and developed in equal measure with colleagues Laura Ballesteros Villareal & Núria Miret Pignatelli.

Foto 06.jpg

Be Art*

Be Art is a key component of Kobo not only as a brand message but also as the materialization of its artistic facet.

A digital platform for artistic collaboration and experimentation. A source of inspiration and boundless exploration, connecting kids' tireless minds with up and coming artists. A cry for authenticity and originality.

kobo app

Figma prototype, mainly for visualization and logical flow tests purposes. An example of how the brand would feel and breathe in its potential e-commerce app.


A key part of the UX research was dedicated to understanding different ways we could easen the search process for the users. As a result, two different features were added to the traditional keyword and category search option: Visual Search and the Style Quiz. These features would make the experience more personally stimulating, while maintaining a sense of discovery and surprise. 

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